FMD Capital Management

As a client of FMD Capital Management we want to afford you the opportunity to be as involved with the investment process as you desire.

That is why we offer so many avenues of education and communication, so that you never feel like you are out of touch with your money.

The bedrock of our client relationships start with regular quarterly phone calls and (if possible) face-to-face meetings where we update you on the performance of your accounts and relay our latest market analysis to you.  We always take the time to listen to your concerns, answer questions, and allow an open dialogue for investment idea generation.  We want you to feel comfortable with our investment strategy and understand the risks and opportunities in the marketplace at any given time.

Each month you will receive an independent custodial statement from TD Ameritrade that includes a breakdown of the positions in your account and the changes in value for that period.  In addition, you will receive a separate packet from FMD Capital Management that includes a statement of your management fees, an exclusive client memorandum, as well as monthly performance reports.  All of this information is designed to keep you informed of any changes we made to your account, and up-to-date with our latest portfolio thoughts.  We have the capability to deliver this information electronically or via regular mail according to your preference.

Whenever we make a change to one of our model portfolios, we email you the details of what we bought or sold, why we made the switch, and what our near-term outlook is for the markets going forward.  This means that you are immediately alerted to any changes in your account in almost real-time.

Finally, on the anniversary of your start date with our firm, we do a formal account review where we sit down and re-examine your entire financial picture, including our performance, to make sure we are on track to reaching your goals.  Our number one priority is to have long-term relationships with our clients by making sure we are exceeding your expectations every year.

You should never feel out of sync with your hard earned assets which is why we are always available to speak directly at 888-823-8111 or via email at to answer any questions, or serve your account needs.

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