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At FMD Capital Management, we take a concierge approach to designing and implementing an investment game plan on your behalf.

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This starts with a one-on-one conversation to better understand your financial goals, account structure, investment experience, asset allocation, and more.  We typically like to discuss your risk tolerance, as well as time horizon, to get a good feel for the strategy that will best suit your needs.  In addition, we answer all of your questions about our portfolio review and investment management services.

The next step in our review process involves you sending over a copy of your statements so we can analyze the current mix of investments and discuss what changes we would make to the portfolio.  Often times clients have positions we will continue to hold if they are adding value, and we will recommend selling positions that are dragging down performance.  With every legacy position we keep, we determine a sell discipline and actively monitor it with our other core holdings to ensure the portfolio is structured for success.  In addition, we may recommend consolidating accounts to reduce the burden of tracking and managing your nest egg.

If you ultimately decide that working with us is the best course of action for your money, we will promptly send you our (1) Investment Management Agreement, (2) Investment Objectives Questionnaire, (3) TD Ameritrade Account Applications, (4) and TD Ameritrade Transfer Forms.  When you receive this packet of information, we walk you through all of the documentation and answer any questions you might have.

Once we receive the signed and completed forms back to our office, we immediately begin the process of opening up your accounts and transferring the assets automatically with no further work required on your part.  Our number one priority is to ensure this process is completed swiftly and flawlessly to ensure the continuity of your account structure and investments.

Finally, when the assets have arrived at TD Ameritrade and are ready to be shifted into our portfolios, we will review the investment strategy with you and begin implementing a transition plan on your accounts.  We will then keep you updated along the way as we begin to purchase new positions that are the last step in our getting started process.

If you are ready to take the first step to securing your future, Contact Us today to learn how we can work together to achieve your goals.

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