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Opportunistic Growth

The Opportunistic Growth Portfolio is perfect for those seeking investments that will provide greater potential for long-term capital gain. The primary objective of this portfolio is to seek low-risk, high reward growth opportunities in a combination of asset classes that shift based on market conditions.

Strategic Income

The Strategic Income Portfolio is designed to provide a steady stream of dividends for those investors seeking total return of investment capital. The primary objective of this portfolio is to maintain both an attractive yield, while also seeking low volatility price appreciation, regardless of the climate in the financial markets.

Dynamic CEF

FMD Capital Management has designed its Dynamic CEF Income Portfolio to take advantage of the inefficiencies that commonly occur in the CEF marketplace. The right mix of income-generating CEFs and the expertise to navigate through any market conditions are the two critical components of this portfolio.

Risk Management

During long up-trends in the stock market, most advisers rarely concern themselves with what their exit strategy would be if things do not go as planned. At FMD Capital Management, we find ourselves looking deeper into our client’s holdings to evaluate and prognosticate any potential weaknesses.

Management Fees

When starting out on the path of selecting an investment adviser it is important to understand how they are compensated in order to determine their motivation for investing your hard earned nest egg. As a fee-only investment adviser, we strive to put you in the lowest cost investments to give you the best returns, net of fees.

Becoming A Client

At FMD Capital Management, we take a concierge approach to designing and implementing an investment game plan on your behalf. This starts with a one-on-one conversation to better understand your financial goals, account structure, investment experience, asset allocation, and more.

What To Expect As A Client

As a client of FMD Capital Management we want to afford you the opportunity to be as involved with the investment process as you desire. That is why we offer so many avenues of education and communication, so that you never feel like you are out of touch with your money.

Client Login

This secure online portal allows access to our exclusive client memos, statements, and important documents for your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked quite a few questions from investors that are considering joining our firm as a wealth management client. Chances are that we may have already answered yours here.