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Transportation ETFs Slam On The Brakes

Written by David Fabian, August 01st, 2017

The transportation sector of the stock market is one with a rich and impactful history. Technicians, economists, and forecasters often lean on this industry to predict major changes in global growth trends. When transport companies are thriving, it is commonly viewed as a positive sign of worldwide trade and business activity. Conversely, when they are contracting, it can be deemed as a negative omen of shrinking commerce.

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State Of The Market In 7 Charts – November 2016 Edition

Written by David Fabian, November 13th, 2016

It feels like we have almost packed a full year’s worth of stock market price action into just the last two weeks.  With so many diverging market sectors and overall fluctuations, I thought it would be prudent to do an examination of some key charts.

Taking a closer look at these categories can help frame macro views as well as determine areas of strength and weakness. Read more

Why Apple Makes Dow-Related ETFs Relevant Again

Written by David Fabian, March 20th, 2015

I’ve heard just about every argument to be had on why the Dow Jones Industrial Average is a relic of a bygone era. Some point out that the index is too narrow, with just 30 mega-cap stocks. Others point to the antiquated price weighted construction methodology that confounds nouveau index enthusiasts. Still others can’t comprehend the plodding performance story when there are juiced up momentum ETFs begging for your attention. Read more

Dissecting the Struggling Dow This Year

Written by David Fabian, March 05th, 2014

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is one of the oldest blue-chip indexes in existence.  This bellwether has survived for over 100 years as a time-tested indicator of mega-cap stock performance.  Nearly every investor can easily relate to the name recognition that the DJIA inspires, but few can probably name more than a handful of the 30 stocks that it tracks.  Read more

New Highs – Now what?

Written by David Fabian, March 16th, 2013

Recently the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit new all-time historical highs and the investing public largely yawned over the feat.  It has been over five long years since the Dow hit its last all time high back in 2007 and we all know the roller coaster ride that has ensued since the 2008 debt crisis and subsequent recovery.  Most of the rebound over the last 4 years has been attributed to aggressive quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve which has kept interest rates artificially low and money cheap.

The question now though is:  Where do we go from here?  Is it time to ring the cash register and go to cash or stay in the game? Read more