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Asia ETFs Showing Strong Trend Signals

Written by David Fabian, July 18th, 2017

International stocks have made a big run through the first half of 2017 and one region that’s spearheading the charge is Asia.  Countries like Japan, India, South Korea, and Taiwan continue to exhibit dominant momentum driven by a combination of technical and fundamental factors.  The depreciation of the U.S. dollar versus regional foreign currencies is one of the more prominent stories driving this thrust, in addition to favorable corporate growth forecasts.

An excellent market capitalization weighted benchmark for tracking the Pacific Rim is the Vanguard FTSE Pacific ETF (VPL).  This low-cost index fund has exposure to over 2,200 securities spread throughout the Asia region.

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3 Top Performing Smart Beta International ETFs

Written by David Fabian, September 15th, 2015

ETF providers are continually turning to smart beta indexes that seek to capture a unique subset of stocks with specific fundamental or technical qualities. While these funds often have higher relative fees than their passive counterparts, they also offer several characteristics that may be attractive for investors seeking a specific theme that aligns with their portfolio goals.

International markets offer a wide range of strategies that target individual countries, sectors, regions, and even currency exposure. The following ETFs attempt to outperform their peers by blending those characteristics with enhanced index screening criteria.

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Seeking Global Value From ETFs In the Land Down Under

Written by David Fabian, September 24th, 2014

International ETFs have been under fire this summer as shifting currency woes and economic forecasts continue to indicate signs of trouble. Europe has continued to show relative overall weakness despite the commitment to lower rates and quantitative easing efforts. Now emerging markets and other Asian nations are starting to show signs of weakness in the month of September. Read more

2 International ETFs With Strong Recovery Momentum

Written by David Fabian, August 06th, 2013

Asian and emerging market stocks have had a tough year, with many individual countries and sectors experiencing double digit declines. Former emerging market powerhouses such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China have seen their economies decline in large part due to falling worldwide commodity prices. Even developed European markets have failed to keep pace with the breakneck speed of U.S. stocks in 2013.

However, there are still several international ETFs on my radar that have picked up momentum from their June low and appear to be poised for additional upside. These diamonds in the rough may be an excellent value opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolio outside of the U.S. market. Read more