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The Flexible Growth And Income Report

We started FMD Capital Management many years ago with the belief that we can help investors achieve their goals through the use of low-cost ETFs, innovative portfolio designs, and personalized investment advice. As a result of our efforts, we have been fortunate to build a loyal following of readers that share our market views and strive to improve their long-term investment results.

Through our close relationships with readers, we have formulated what we believe to be an excellent tool to bridge the gap between our complimentary blog and becoming a full-fledged wealth management client.

The Flexible Growth and Income Report is now available on a subscription basis for do-it-yourself investors to implement within their own accounts. This distinctive weekly newsletter features an actively managed model portfolio primarily made up of exchange-traded funds as core building blocks. The recommendations also feature select use of closed-end funds to enhance income or take advantage of a unique active investment strategy.

The newsletter incorporates our four-sleeved portfolio approach that combines stock, bond, alternative, and cash allocations. The diversified mix of investments seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation and income with the use of risk management tools when market volatility rears its ugly head.

Here is a full list of what you can expect with the Flexible Growth and Income Report:

Style: Growth & Income portfolio. Designed for investors that seek unique income opportunities and desire long-term appreciation of invested capital. The portfolio includes exposure to stocks, bonds, and cash with a flexible asset allocation structure.

Pricing: $15/month ($180/year) – Reoccurring subscription payment. No upfront annual commitment and no cancellation fees. Just a pay-as-you-go investment newsletter service dedicated to adding value to your existing portfolio.

Number of Portfolio Holdings: 10-15 total holdings. Each holding is individually differentiated between core and tactical, as well as categorized under our unique four-sleeve portfolio approach.

Type of Holdings: Primarily constructed of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with some select closed-end fund (CEF) holdings. The foundation of our portfolio is built on diversified and transparent investment vehicles.

Communication Frequency: Weekly email updates with real-time action alerts as needed. The Flexible Growth and Income Report is emailed to subscribers after the market close every Wednesday afternoon. Subscribers also have real-time, secure access to our dedicated online portal to download current or past reports at any time.

Type of Communication: Online and email only. The weekly summary includes a stock and bond market recap, portfolio position update, and funds we are monitoring for inclusion in the model. It also contains a summary of new transactions (buys or sells) and action steps for new investors acclimating to the strategy.

Performance Tracking: Monthly and annual model portfolio performance updates. Buys and sells based on end of day pricing for historical consistency.

Risk Management: Use of asset allocation targets to balance risk and discretionary triggers for exit points.

We highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with our full terms and disclosures of this subscription newsletter service before becoming a member.

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