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The One Move You Have To Make For Your ETF Bond Portfolio In 2015

Written by Michael Fabian, December 12th, 2014

It’s been an amazing comeback year for the fixed-income markets following the interest rate volatility in 2013, especially in light of the sentiment statistics at the time calling for a steady rise for interest rates into 2015. As a result, I doubt that many investors would have thought we would breach the psychologically significant 2% mark on the 10-year Treasury note in 2014.  Read more

MLP ETFs Find Themselves Guilty By Association

Written by David Fabian, December 10th, 2014

The deleveraging in the energy space continues in earnest and one area that is going down with the ship is master limited partnerships (MLPs). These high yield energy-related securities fell heavily during the October sell off and are once again finding themselves in trouble over the glut of energy stock piles and plunging crude oil prices. Read more

Everything Is Disjointed

Written by David Fabian, December 09th, 2014

As a blogger and investment adviser, I spend a fair amount of time on social media sharing my ideas with others and absorbing new concepts. I find that the community of the well-respected traders and investment guru’s that I follow has opened my eyes to unseen opportunities as well as potential pitfalls. All told, the sum of this engagement has been a productive use of my resources in vetting the path for the portfolios I manage. Read more

Pinpointing The Best New ETFs Of 2014

Written by David Fabian, December 09th, 2014

As the calendar begins to sunset on another successful year in the stock market, it’s worth taking note of new activity within the ETF industry that has the potential to challenge established funds. The proliferation of these innovative products will allow you the opportunity to evaluate fresh investment ideas for the coming New Year.

With any new venture, the initial year after its debut can be critical to a successful outcome. ETFs can thrive or sink based on their index construction, fees, performance, marketing, timing, and sometimes a little bit of good or bad luck. Just because they build it, doesn’t mean that investors will automatically line up at the door to participate.   Those ETFs that do thrive have likely keyed in on an inventive approach to a well-traveled area of the market with the potential for outperformance.

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Unlocking Opportunity in Energy CEFs

Written by Michael Fabian, December 05th, 2014

During the past several months, many high yielding sectors of the closed-end fund marketplace have underperformed investors’ expectations.  This is especially prescient in light of the broad equity market’s push to new all-time highs following the October volatility. Wide spread selling pressure has been cropping up in nearly all credit heavy and commodity related funds, which begs the question: opportunity or falling knife? Read more