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It’s Been A Volatile Year For Natural Resource ETFs

Written by David Fabian, December 06th, 2016

A simple screen for the year’s top-performing unleveraged ETFs reveals the unabashed strength of natural resource stocks as a standout group.  Much of this momentum can be attributed to a combination of the rebound in commodities paired with an extremely beaten down industrial complex. In a year where the unexpected has become the norm, this sector has risen to the top despite its skeptics and also experienced some volatile bumps along the way.

As we head into the final stretch of 2016, the strongest ETFs are primarily made up of companies with a metals and mining focus.

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What You Need To Know Before You Buy An Infrastructure ETF

Written by David Fabian, November 15th, 2016

Donald Trump’s victory as the 45th President of The United States has Wall Street scrambling to identify key investment themes for 2017.  One such idea that has been repeated often over the last week is “infrastructure spending.” This thesis is based on the notion that Trump has a builder’s mentality and professional history to back it up.  Many are now speculating that he will pour a great deal of time and resources into stimulating the economy through various infrastructure projects.

But what does this mean for a typical investor and how can they represent this concept in their portfolio?

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State Of The Market In 7 Charts – November 2016 Edition

Written by David Fabian, November 13th, 2016

It feels like we have almost packed a full year’s worth of stock market price action into just the last two weeks.  With so many diverging market sectors and overall fluctuations, I thought it would be prudent to do an examination of some key charts.

Taking a closer look at these categories can help frame macro views as well as determine areas of strength and weakness. Read more

Goldman Sachs Debuts Hedge Fund ‘Best Ideas’ ETF

Written by David Fabian, November 08th, 2016

Hedge funds have come under fire in recent years as a streak of underperformance has led to allocation cutbacks in various pension and institutional portfolios.  Many investors are comparing hedge fund returns to passively managed vehicles like exchange-traded funds and coming away unimpressed with the results.

The crux of the issue is that active managers have had a difficult time selecting stocks or allocating to asset classes that justify their high expenses.  Returns in these vehicles are often streaky and industry correlations are becoming increasingly similar to that of an index fund.  Furthermore, the high liquidity, low costs, transparency, and tax efficiency of ETFs are strong influences in today’s modern investment landscape.

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ETFs Are Making It Easy To Be A Socially Responsible Investor

Written by David Fabian, November 01st, 2016

Socially responsible investing used to be very low on the priority list for most fund providers.  Some may even relegate it to a niche trend with small market potential when compared to the overwhelming demand for income or smart-beta indexes.  However, the rise of gender equality, environmental impact, and other social issues has created a booming new category within the ETF universe.

This year alone, there have been 12 new ETFs released that focus on “Environmental, Social, or Governmental” issues, otherwise known as ESG.  These new funds are aimed at greater control over company, sector, geographical, and factor exposure in a low-cost and diversified investment vehicle.

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