FMD Capital Management

At FMD Capital Management we believe in growing and protecting your capital to provide for your future in every market environment.

Investors in today’s turbulent times have to face real threats to their retirement nest egg that include: stock volatility, inflationary fears, currency manipulation, and commodity price swings.  The combination of these factors and more, have provided us with an unprecedented level of opportunity and risk in today’s markets.

The global landscape has never been more accessible to capital than it is today.  Our technical expertise in research and trading allows us access to virtually any market in the world.  This opens the door to select the investments that we feel are the strongest opportunities for your assets.

The ability to mitigate risk to preserve capital in down cycles, and be prepared to make proactive changes during bull markets, is also a key component to our method of investing.  In our experience, the psychology of most investors is most exuberant at market tops, and most desperate at market bottoms.


Our goal is to alleviate this roller coaster of emotion and uncertainty by building active portfolios that allow you to sleep well at night – no matter what is happening in the financial markets.  We accomplish this by selecting a diversified mix of exchange-traded funds and select mutual funds that work in harmony to keep account volatility low.  We hand pick each individual position and size it properly so each investment offers our clients favorable upside potential, while keeping the portfolio diversified and liquid.

Each market cycle is different depending on the economic and political climate we find ourselves in. We classify these market cycles into (1) bull markets, (2) bear markets, and (3) transitional markets.  Depending on the market cycle we are in, we custom tailor our portfolio asset allocation to meet your goals.  This includes daily monitoring of the global markets, and proactive changes to the portfolio when we identify a shift in the trend of our investments.

Like a well-built home, your portfolio needs to be constructed to provide for the needs of your family and withstand adverse situations.  To accomplish this, we start by selecting core holdings, which are the foundational building blocks of your account.  We then blend in strategic positions we believe are favorable to the current market climate, and will provide an additional level of out-performance, or alpha.  Finally, we keep an allocation of cash available for opportunities that may arise as conditions change.

We are not beholden to any single investment, which allows us to stay nimble and avert large losses for our clients.  If we sell a position we move to cash and wait for another opportunity to present itself to us. You can rest assured that capital preservation is our number one priority for your hard earned money.

At FMD Capital Management we provide an active and balanced approach to the investment of your assets, based on the principles of risk management, low volatility, and total return.  We work hard every day on your behalf to deliver the investment results you deserve, to provide the future that you desire.

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