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    Actively Reducing the Volatility Of Your Income Portfolio

  • Dynamic CEF Income Portfolio

    Learn more about our high yield closed-end fund strategy.

  • Your Capital.
    Your Future.

    We manage risks to grow your capital, getting results that secure your future.

  • Risk Management

    Strategies to preserve your capital in a volatile market.

  • Opportunistic Growth Portfolio

    Perfect for those prone to taking a moderate level of risk and investing in funds that will provide opportunity for long-term capital appreciation.

  • Strategic Income Portfolio

    An investment strategy built to provide steady income streams in every market environment.


Wealth Management

At FMD Capital Management we know that investors are concerned with not only growing their wealth, but preserving it.  In addition, we recognize that individuals have developed their own comfort levels for taking risks.  To accomplish those goals we have developed three separate actively managed portfolios — the Opportunistic Growth Portfolio, the Strategic Income Portfolio, and the Dynamic CEF Income Portfolio.

Our Strategy

Our strategy starts with you. We focus closely on individual needs by building strong client relationships that keep us accountable to your specific goals, and steady investment growth in any environment. We are committed to creating value for our clients by providing clear portfolio construction methods, implementing risk management strategies, and using low-cost exchange-traded funds to enhance your returns.

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